Own investment

If one hundred million yen are given to you, what is done?

Would I find a clear solution immediately?

The person who applied a lottery also has almost all whammy such as ruining^^;

How to use the money doesn’t also know its cause, and it’s because it’s too prodigal.


After I became independent, too, I said wasteful six years, but I didn’t reap no harvest^^

That was own investing talk of course, and each skill developed on leaps and bounds^^

When doing private talk, reki where a sweetheart isn’t here will be 15 years.www

I don’t also think as shame particularly and.

In fact group dating and off-line meeting went away, but I have partner’s no memory mostly.www

It’s also fact that there wasn’t a good girl very for that, either.

There are no stances I’ll expand as connections so much.

Even the phone number doesn’t hear that I’m not interested originally (in short, its place limit).

But a communicating love skill grumbles, and is the reason which has gone up itself.www

For what waste is NO waste really, by question talk.

A thing is bought and isn’t bought and.

It can also be used to experience as own investment and increase the ability.

Oh, I wash my hands by all faces and am here in this way now.www

Neither work nor privacy fail particularly.

But a wasteful investment is stopped, and it’s said that they enter at collection time.

The investment will be made substantial including oneself.

Because I acquire nothing by a somebody else’s problem after all, I’m just losing my head now.www

It’s whether this article can be translated simply and.

Even if it’s made a product, a web direction and financial inclusion, it was being taken out variously.

By the talk such as getting settled at logical science finally.

The one which is 30 years when all its processes and investments were wasted and lost, so and any more.www

You may hunt after advertising tweet past log of other ones and.

When thinking to invest in oneself really seriously, it won’t be this.www

“Own investment” by the meaning that that is true, “ordinary beggar”.

And because it’s a lot, it’ll be communism and socialism, and such bum is declining.

May social talk be done separately quite later?

Said, today, around here, (´∀`*)

But an English translation gets tired with Serious indeed. www


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