Scientific book latter volume release completion!

Translation into English of the latter volume and release of a scientific book have ended!^^

It doesn’t turn announcing so much with a Japanese edition.www

But the upper and lower book set is being added to the sales plan.^^

You can enjoy yourself only by the latter volume just in case.

The person who had a scientific basis of the first volume as the premise is also describing a fun one.^^

Then please see it!^^

Book which makes use of basic science in life(second volume)

product list

sales proposal

Amazon Kindle

Then I enter a vacation now.^^

Are Java-ization and this by which the end of the vacation is a suitable occupation check also about one month?

Whether it takes one month again by the whole world correspondence, too?

It’s its way, not in simultaneousness, but I’m 真キング roughly, I design.^^

A moth cha stops as expected, and is a reference book hint-like DLC.

You hit upon different work-while working, it’s a mark.^^

The pace and duck, also, I have to think a little.(´∀`*)


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