I knew a word as HSP for the first time.^^

We’re branded as integration incontinentia before, and.

I also think it’s ADHD a touch by itself, and.

Accent Rick includes the closest one for a short while, and whether HSP says.www

One the ability, near the sense by which the identity isn’t known to origin, it seems

Therefore they’re branded as “delusion”.

If it’s essential talk gradually, mental tiredness and that are from an insight.

It was seen, stay here, I come to talk and “wind” is called.

When each paralyzed ability and knowledge are being trained.

It’s called “muscle” now from the expressive power.(´∀`*)

When somehow “genius” is called.

No, because is an effort being made fairly? I feel like retorting.

I’m convinced that it’s estimated if that’s essential insight and it’s from the delicate sensitivity.^^

I’m not so smart and that a genius is called indeed.www

So one popularity is also Capa’s problem and.

The relationship becomes good for a person hanging mark quite deeply.

The person he doesn’t like doesn’t like more.^^;

Such one may also be used for job hunting, it’s the selfanalysis which is a mark, isn’t it?www

I put the strong point and the trouble in order and negotiate by interview in a target company.^^

So when supply agrees with demand, I come to informal designation.

The love is also same for this separately and.www

Oh, a wife in a university same year passes away after such pet dog.

I slightly have thought and am unable to stay still and.

It’s a second-guessing, but a one may be gray hair and the one by which your wife was sickness for being old away and.^^;

I even consider an unnecessary thing too much in such feeling and go out of the teething fever and, it’s a problem.www

So it’s shut out and, it’s obstructive and.www

When going around to the good direction, it’s quite good, but when I suffer, it can’t be carried on a hand.www

But, there are neither me nor the person who can handle HSP as he didn’t know!www

Oh, such, to have trouble, only with oneself, the fellow who says would like to sock for now.←


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