Because I didn’t touch about a scientific book neatly in English.^^

VR is given as an example and an obstacle is explained.^^;

Roughness, when I say, artificial intelligence and VR are given to future’s development and problem by information engineering.^^

It’s so and if anything is that there was little interpretation about VR.www

VR is a virtual reality and virtual reality literally.^^

That, for example, when it’s of 3D and a screen can be watched now.

“Programed phenomenon” is felt actually just as it is.(´∀`*)

While eros would be happy to be developing into a liyal, this is still good.www

When it’s being made the strange way like artificial intelligence as the directionality.

Even actuality seems incompatible with horror and can be under illusion.www

SUMAHO and earphones walk and when it’s dangerous, are called.

The sight and hearing are taken away and more different senses are given, it was seen, stay here, it’s talk.www

What happens like result virtuality? Would, when, an accident is caused.^^;

It’s in the state like the so-called integration incontinentia, isn’t it?

A delusion (VR) and real difference don’t stick any more.^^;

In addition to violating the crime which doesn’t know its result meaning, it makes a mistake in being possible, and there is innocence.^^;

Why can’t I judge? When I say so, it’s said that that isn’t in the state which can shoulder social responsibility.^^;

Such state is produced artificially.^^;

With the artificial intelligence which will be unexpected when making a mistake in one step.^^;

It’s the one like the MUD scientist who went wrong, isn’t it?^^;

Oh, when the explanation is combined, and a problem is mentioned, it’s at such.^^

An actual scientific book go out to the pleasure!www

How much is good utilization method also?^^

Please do selfishly at the place I receive and where am not known quite variously.

Because the area where I say so has become cruel.www

When giving the power to a nasty guy, the sky is abused, politician-like.www

For the person to whom that has come to ask “Please tell me.” at least

The density estimates the posture as well as is also thick, the whole picture of the talk which is a mark.(´∀`*)


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