It isn’t that it was restrictive shortly that Japanese says “As much as he’d like to beat.” particularly, is it?^^

From the past, “I go out, a pile, for, it’s struck.”, it’s “everyone, same”, there is such ground.www

And everyone becomes senile only by criticism and a jam won’t be a player.^^

So one is a boomerang and fatal to shelving.www

If they’re these days, it’s talk of election.^^;

When I wasn’t voting on election to criticize politically with the fact that go, you could go, and it calmed down and.www

When also saying that from the reverse, I suggest you be voting on the person who discounted (He excelled.), will it be?

The purpose doesn’t also know the meaning and what is it the purpose to beat?www

If he beats and crashes in, a partner fancies whether he says that an approval desire is satisfied that it’s the bottom more than itself.www

A mounting of the title is the act which will rise more predominantly than a partner.^^

Because I’ll take the one which is only the year, the one by which this is also old harm and the special is disliked, isn’t it?

There is TO or a trouble slightly light personally the other day, and.www

That’s good, the strong one is also proper for such lengthwise relation, and、

The one as a flat is also the environment conversely.www

The fact that what is also insignificant as much as it beats?www

To be estimated after all, “smart”, and, you “weren’t predominant”, and whether I “could obtain results”.^^

It’s the fact that this is also the mark for which I can’t work even if it’s good like educational background, isn’t it?^^

The one as the silly person who has an energy would also be a problem.

There is no importance of existence for the shrewd one which isn’t doing and is complaining.www

So the argument is also sterile, it’s a mark.

It’ll be the purpose to refute and be not a behavior plan in detail.www

The fact that I say what I still manage variously.

I’ll hear a sophistry in the disk where I don’t also yawn, but even how good talk?www

It’s because I’m usually doing even if it’s made the persuasive power of the talk.

There is also a place which looks like “only my persuasive power”, isn’t there?www


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