【daily making report】vacation

A rise of Magazine has been completed first!

by Japanese


by English


magazine ends at the for one month of back.^^

The summer holidays are included, and it’s a schedule in August much, isn’t it?^^

After G+ mailbox is processed for about one month after that.

I think BUROMAGA is written by itself in WP.^^

Roughness, a schedule of magazine is that.(´∀`*)

After the application is adjusted slightly today by that and it’s uploaded lastly.

A formal announcement blog will be written tomorrow.^^

I take vacation days for three days from Wednesday with that.^^

真キング puts an ingredient for sushi in order.www

Anyway what is true finally, vacation!www

Calmly, the one which was flapping and work can do the summer holidays slowly.^^

I picked up the pace fairly last week!www

Please take care soon at such place.(´∀`*)

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