fitting JOB release!!

Release of fitting JOB has ended!^^

I’m also saying addition to reflected confirmation of google play and a corporate site or am correcting.^^


google play fittingJOB

corprate site



The talk which were a renewal and power up even if I said so.www

A moth cha stops more Miyoshi phases by redo from a design 真キング too.^^;

It’s used a little, but a rare element and others of a moth cha is ordinarily by a hint sales plan basically.www

A layer and rare seem divisible into a hint, don’t they?^^

A copy of moth cha was diverted in NO, but a source was returned to the one of the secondary phase.(´∀`*)

Additionally there is also an expansion plan, by serving and making the ingredient for sushi gradually.^^

I take vacation days for three days and manage soon at such place!^^

I hope that you can do a vacation and the summer holidays carefully slowly after a long time.(´∀`*)


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