【daily making report】New design

A rise of Magazine has been completed first!

by Japanese


by English


It’s near in magazine at the end of the rest for three weeks.^^

After that the G+ post and the BUROMAGA reform are good.

Because it’s being lacking in the first contents.

Even a design and advertisement of 真キング who posted before are whether it’s raised again, too.^^

I write, the Miyoshi phase has to bring 真キング to an end at the front I don’t have.^^;

And when specifications are reconsidered, there is a change of specifications fairly around the moth cha.

There is a fundamental form and it’s simplification, so I think it’s finished when having that for 34 months.(´∀`*)

There are summer holidays!www

With the reflection which is a memo for now, a backup on specifications and readjustment.^^

An estimate is a rough estimate, so please don’t make it too serious.www

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