Maybe I didn’t have enough explanations of yesterday’s Magazine, but an ordinary blog can ordinarily be read without registration.^^


Magazine tries only ten 800 yen for one month and free articles, and is 3 plans for one week.



This was quite interested, you stopped, right?^^;

What romance is it!www

I’d like to see, the pleasure which also connects with a Plastic model^^;

But it would be popular only in certain GIKU, wouldn’t it?www

It’s probably a science faculty boy-like taste.www

It looks like LOGO and a plastic rail when coming near and saying by analog.www

More smart phone can be customized freely as an article.

A jam makes android a null fence, and is of reinforcement of a battery.^^

It’s to be also able to make the custom a hardware side that there was only a soft side of OS, isn’t it?^^

To say so “The plastic model is free!” Think, it’s also talk.

It’s fun but also serious.

It’s deeper and when I enter, expensive.www

By the way, a former news item of 真キング is a life (sense of values) game.

I tried simulation to-ize that, but the profit and, popular it can’t be seen

We assume that I’ll make that a concise puzzle, and I shape like now.

When I break down quite more.

After a card also grasps whether you say planning ability or say the weapon.

They press for those and are weak, it isn’t had and is analyzed.

Moreover it’s combined, and what happens?

It’s the story through which you’re living by the practical use which is a mark, right?^^

Management engineering can also be written by a result direction and financial study.(*´ェ`*)

By the story I tell to devise an appeal around here by the job hunting you said in the morning.

Correspondence from selfanalysis is a liver.

There are the strong point and a weakness in particular for me now.

Because all google does something, www.

Please, it’ll be a fact.www

So retrieval ability of a base and the knowledge are a weapon!www

When there is a PC, I’m invincible.

It’s poor by analog….

But you don’t have that, a plastic model is being done.www

My secret is still asked about in SON.

This is being also talked about from 15 years before.

What is insight (understanding and the recognition power)?www

So everything will be done and you can assume that there is nothing conversely nothing.(*´ェ`*)

My idea is added… after I get to the point first.

Please, even if I say by words, wouldn’t it be understood?www

Such, “It’s accustomed with no persons.”, and, I think “the life strategy” was popular before.

I thought so, won’t the bird heads be to forget it right now somehow?www


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