Do you enter at the shape?

Now, it’s whether twitter is bribed now and.

Japanese YAHOO is a weekly day off for 3 days and, be, I become the topic of conversation.^^

You think this and the account which looks like whether you enter at the shape or take a fruit, right?www

Though it doesn’t also come with pay, I go out, the one of the prohibition? It’s so and.www

A system is precedent, and I also have the one it’ll be somehow of course.

That I’m not here can make up as the reality and is real.

Whether it has no choice but to raise the productivity which is being talked about from the front to make up with that from the reality.(*´ェ`*)

Why, you worry whether it’s stultified, right?^^;

The spread to other enterprises isn’t also easy talk.^^;

We’re six hour (home) duties for two days a week in a holiday.
After I’m usually working for eight hours as an office worker originally.
Independence at first was just as it is.
Lumbago was complicated, and concentration was it didn’t continue, and and shaped like now.www
And it’s 3~4 hours in the morning to concentrate.
Night is information collection and fish scattering.www

It’s the shape that you entered at a fruit perfectly, right?^^
You should work lengthily, I think but the play which cries is also important and.^^

Reach to the conclusion and don’t bring to an end by stultification as I said first, said.^^
It’s free to make it a weekly day off for 3 days.^^
But I have to do the business design and the efficiency which can make up with that specifically.^^
Somehow such place is childish, it’s a mark.
Isn’t it the cause which doesn’t surface forever?(*´ェ`*)
So, as much as it’s flashy, and, it’s called.←

twitter is also poor, if it’s bribed, good is the talk such as maybe a spoil’s being done.^^

Japan is popular only at Maine originally.www

And to become the topic of conversation by a weekly day off for 3 days?

After all by talk too with a lot of people who don’t want to work.

That, morning twitter, as, work is because it’s boring.www


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