It’s easy to break it off with an unenlightened family and throw it away!www

We’re also the trend and the talk which remains and is unrelated separately.

They’re also own affirmation and talk of denial.

Talk such as whether you have the vision and set your sights on where and whom.^^

What me are 真キング and a scientific book instead of a business card in now, too?

Independence at first hesitated about which person one was, didn’t it?www
(Refer to a blog in those days.)

When now is seen finally, it’s talk which just becomes stable.(*´ェ`*)

School days are the reason from which they came as a science faculty.

After it also fits into Sanguozhi at the same time.

I long for a hero and an officer then.

Modeling will be a strategist and a monarch gradually deeply, too.

Which general, a lover, and, talk such as who is a target.www

Cao Cao and Xiang Yu are CHITO, and.

A general likes Zhao cloud, and.

Of its being indecisive moderation whether Liu Bei is a generous lord.www

A history of Japan is also fine separately.

Even if talk of the famous little cuckoo trend is done.

Would everyone be different by Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu?www

That’s the reason coming to talk about the modern times.

For example I’m Konosuke Matsushita and Soichiro Honda and.^^

I’m an IT course, so previous tweet, seem I aim at people, and

The person with the high relation was just also mentioned at the inside.

It’s whether a representative of Amazon knows Jef and ZOBESU and.

twitter, like, executive officers change and have something to discuss of purchase, and.www

Even if it was made SNS, even wasn’t Zucker Berg a movie?www

I myself don’t think as all Noh plays and a god…, do myself?

I don’t know somehow in Japan.

It may be put in a top class in the world.!www

The one as which there is acknowledged doesn’t know the frog ocean in i literally.www

The annual salary by which even gain is of a top sports player is fearful and.

There are a lot of expensive people, too and a simple skill is here.^^

I’d like to call what, Japan can overcome and anyway it’s the part of the crowd, isn’t it?^^;

A person who protrudes as an individual is unusual.^^;

When I say conversely, because everything sends me by itself independently, it may be the one which has come here.^^;

Oh, it’s a problem of organization structure with that and.

They’re a death from overwork and the company quality as social problem and.

Where one be of responsibility gathers, and doesn’t also find out any more that they’re weak finally.

Neither a result countermeasure nor growth go out, don’t it?www

If I’m a party, the sense of ethics is also the talk such as disappearing.www

I raise an issue.

How to think from here also depends on a reader and.

I don’t also know whether it can be understood as Japanese that it was translated into English.

May life be finished at a dump only and really? For, it’s asked.


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