It’s being written a little by a scientific book, but there is a word as SERENTIBITI.^^

That’s accidental, it was done by chance, the meaning such as finding it.^^

But it’s true actually, gerade, NO?

Each several conditions are intertwined and are to be made miraculously.

The one as miracle is an astronomical probability.

They’re the translations which are a scientific view to say so.^^

It looks like theory when you’re enough, when saying in a life.

“They seem also to do cod in this way at that time.”

To say so, what happens to a result, it was seen, stay here, it’s talk.www

When it’s divided whether it’s able to do a life again, I have that!www

And when I say this by IT industry, I have that per pure luck, but.

It isn’t too scientific yet, but.

There is also something to come in handy by the meaning as the practicality and.

There is few something as honor and a prize.(*´ェ`*)


If Uniform Resource Locator of transcription will be a de facto standard (the effective standard), it’s a terrible thing.^^

The world Nobel prize and also overturns.www

Will CO2 be ethanol?

If can such thing be done?

I say so, it’s a stance as credible news waiting personally.^^;

There are a lot of neutrino, gravity undulation and topic which fell and sprang even recently.(*´ェ`*)

This was the story to which I say when it was established as certain technology, not gerade (SERENTIBITI).www

If even IT as well as science are only irresponsible idea and fluke, it’s easy.www

Foundation is effective only and really, and also reliable, and, if, something to say is a strong one.^^

twitter, google and Amazon be living infrastructure!(*´ェ`*)

I’d like to look forward to establishing it by its level.^^

But that’s also difficult and also has a high possibility that I stand up and disappear of course.www


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