【daily making report】Accounting success!

magazine was cooling down.

First, from that, ran, oh!


An accounting test succeeded in progress of actual development.^^

I need purchase well, and it’s said that the pt addition is also no problem.(*´ェ`*)

Can log development be even done this week or (A DB table was also increased.)?

I wrote a code for tests, raised a beta versions and thought.

The place which can be done as expected is local, and it’s better to do, isn’t it?^^;

It’ll be reduction in time and time….

Of simple mistake of UI and careless mistake of a cord. www

When log ends, and I enter hint purchase, it’s local development Maine.^^

Expenses are also added by log.

Because it’s the shape that hint purchase-> hint others says that he moves in pt of basic holdings.^^

It’s also left this year at such, two months.^^;

Having a mind to die and when doing, I think it also ends….

It’s probably impossible, so it’s completed carefully certainly.(*´ェ`*)

It’s the part how many minutes is which a core perfectly, oh, go out!www


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