It’s from fish disclosure of picture tweet picked up first in LinkedIn!^^ext

When this isn’t considered neatly, I make a mistake.

6*3-3 = 15

But the location of the sunspot, the point of view of the hand of a clock and the number of the feather of an electric fan of the ball.

When those are also probed and calculated.


It’ll be.(*´ェ`*)



This is rather an optical illusion and a talk of UI.

3/4 * 4 + 1/2 * 4 = 5

It’ll be.(*´ェ`*)



This is near a IQ test, isn’t it?^^

The right is squared and the left is added.^^

3*3+1 = 10


There may be two answers for this.www

When it’s often seen, there is “+” in right end of a step eye and a second dan eye.www

So it’s ignored and only the most lower berth is calculated, and, “2” or.

Or a new paragraph is started and that it’ll be 11 is understood, and it’s “30” or.(*´ェ`*)



Oh, though I’m a drunkard, so there may be a careless mistake for a response.

The way of calculation and a jam are talk of algorithm.^^

It’s coding that I’m giving the form of each programming language (like these pictures) to this from the system reversely.^^

After I’m saying that I’ll do from a flow chart if it’s of a schoolchild conclusively, without being particular about a program.

That more that’s advanced, study of algorithm.

Moreover moreover when it’s advanced, it’ll be logical thinking.

The below abbreviation from which an uncle can retire, too (, when doing to there

The applicability is made of an appendix of information variously, and (, below abbreviation

Explanation including advertisement of what magazine and logical thinking application was it?www

Throw foreshadow collection.www

The matter is quite steady from the ground, as it is piled up, can I go on quite good place?(*´ェ`*)

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