Last week I wrote about priority on Japanese ^ ^

This week is about degree problem (* ‘エ `*)


“Forget pain and fear”

This is also a science book and touched as painlessness ^ ^

On the contrary, there is pain and fear, so there are also aspects to study ^ ^


What a buzz about social game gacha! Www

It is crazy that there is no problem without any meaningless printing of a lot of money www www

It will be a problem, but how about as a society fundamentally? Is it? In the story www


I was a 真キング, as much as possible, I declined money making or trouble was troublesome,

It is troublesome even if customers are separated by such bankrupt money money ^ ^;

Well, if you say stingy, it is,

It is a story that I am using time and money for my hobby gundam,

Now I do not give priority to others www

You can meet picnic or LINE with priority over romantics just like meeting with a bride or ordinary,

Rather than being a pet or obedience, my daughter is respectful & originally mature,

Occasionally we will relieve in a range that is not bad if you demonstrate the world well ←

I left most of the time recently ←


Conversely I can not write it if I talk about a bad level! Www

Menhera Hui Hoi or a black company, please go back to the old article www


It is a story that has learned such work and love as life,

Skill rising when I make it a hobby’s gunpla,

“Do not recognize failures as failures”

I think that it will not grow ^ ^;


That is a matter of degree ^ ^

I will reflect on you but do not regret it,

Although it is depressed, it makes it a spring,

Or is it such kind of nuance ^ ^


I also mentioned twitter,

If you have infinite life and money, I think that it will become a truly crappy person www

Various resources and resources in life are finite,

How to use it successfully is the person’s life ^ ^

The story “There is so much resource decay” that the usage is not improved www

In other words it is that you can forget the pain and fear ^ ^


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