What do you think is commonplace? Is it? ^ ^

Where is that story? Is it? ^ ^

Do you recognize others in common? Is it? ^ ^



I do not feel like hypocrites like someone else! Www

I do not understand the meaning Interest in public interests! Www



It is an outpost fight of science book ^ ^

Instead of saying words and the world,

It is a cognitive story of a word and a character (* ‘エ `*)



Sometimes I say, I can read and write English, but I can not do English conversation ^ ^;

Where is the difference coming from, though it should be in the same language? Is it?

It is a story that distinguishes whether it is hearing or vision, and how the brain process is different ^ ^

If you say hypocrite, people with color blindness and hearing loss feel different from healthy people ^ ^;

On the contrary there are some people with absolute pitch and visual acuity great ^ ^

In other words? Is it?

I want to inflate it and write it ^ ^



For example, if a fire is detected, it is like telling the lamp to light or siren (* ‘e’ *)

And, if I somewhat of the yesterday’s blog magazine,

It is an instantaneous power similar to the design, that is to say the endurance,

Furthermore, it is said what kind of situation they will increase and decrease,

Finally you can see from both sides so you can design a well-balanced,

For that, not only hypocrisy and public interest but also “evil” need to be known,

It is more like IT cracker / hacker measures (hereinafter abbreviated as



Since the daily report of yesterday was boring, I inflated the inflammation (* ‘エ `*)

And it is a story like “Outside the Frame” in the law that I am dried,

That is a story only in Japan, so if you think about stopping it,

Want to cross the U.S to overcome IT, I do not appreciate heretics Japan is something I do not want to do www

Original and child wear www

Japan’s “everyone together” is uncomfortable first,

“Individuals are strong” Europe and the United States and others are more suitable for sex,

In Linkedin, gang-gang connection application, a message and a scout came,

Rather, I decided to stop working on twitter and I got a lot of fun, so I made a lot of progress www

It seems that you are after. (* ‘エ `*)


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